DF, as we affectionately call it, is the place to be to meet your peers, learn about the latest developments in risk management, see some amazing technology and build your network. There won’t be a better time or place to build your capacity to protect your organization, be it a company, a community, Provincial/Federal governments, NGOs, universities, or hospitals.

At DF the best meets the best.

A New Offer

For 20 years Disaster Forum has been the premier annual event for risk management professionals in Canada. By consistently providing outstanding education, practical skill-building and peer-to-peer networking opportunities, Disaster Forum has built a strong reputation as the go-to event in the risk management industry.

Now, in response to growing demand, we are expanding our offer.

In our most recent survey we heard our delegates, sponsors and speakers tell us what they value most about Disaster Forum including; strong networking opportunities; world-class keynote speakers; practical knowledge transfer that they can immediately apply to their work; outstanding learning opportunities about relevant topics and more. Survey participants also said that they wanted to retain the best of what was offered in the multi-day conference format, but with a shorter time commitment and closer to home.

Introducing Disaster Forum 1-Day Workshops!

This series of intensive learning experiences is for people who manage emergencies on behalf of their company, community, NGO, university, hospital, etc.

Fall 2018 Dates and Locations:

  • Edmonton, Tuesday October 23
  • Saskatoon, Thursday October 25

2018 Workshops Training Topics

The Disaster Forum Workshops are designed to provide hands-on learning for any professional who uses the Incident Command System (ICS). Participants will be able to develop confidence and skill by practicing techniques they’ve learned in real-world scenarios.

The training topics that participants will be able to choose from are:

  • Incident Action Plans (IAP)
  • The Planning Section


Developing, implementing and updating an IAP is a key focus for all command centre staff yet many are challenged to understand the process. Participants will be introduced to a structured approach for developing, implementing, updating and communicating the IAP.

Learning points for this one day workshop are:

  • Identifying the impacts of an incident
  • Anticipating future impacts
  • Determining the incident issues
  • Setting and prioritizing objectives
  • Documenting the IAP
  • Updating the IAP
  • Communicating the IAP

This is a hands-on session. During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to practice applying the techniques and theories presented.


This workshop is designed to equip personnel assigned to the Planning Section to understand the function of the Section Chief and the Units/Branches that report to this person. In the course of the workshop participants will examine the relationship between the Planning Section, the Command and the General staff within an EOC or ICP.   

Learning points for this one day workshop are:

  • The Planning Section function within the Incident Command System
  • Section Chief, Units and Branches
  • Coordinating Command and General staff inputs
  • The planning “P”
  • Incident Action Planning
  • Planning meetings
  • Conducting briefings

This is a hands-on session. During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to practice applying the techniques and theories presented.

Registration will open July 2018

Disaster Forum 2018 Workshops are brought to you by

the Disaster Forum Advisory Committee

Paul Riopel
Bill Isaacs
Mark Egener
Dave Galea
Laird Burton